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Manage Ellipsoids

To open the "Manage Ellipsoids" window, select "Options" => "Coordinate Systems" => "Manage Ellipsoids..." from the menu. Using this window, you will be able to view, delete or modify existing ellipsoid definitions, or to add your own. For a list of ellipsoids that are already in the database, click here.

Manage ellipsoids

Ellipsoid List

When clicking an item in the list, its parameters are displayed below the list. You can edit these parameters by clicking the "Modify" button.

Deleting an ellipsoid

You can delete an ellipsoid definition, by selecting an item from the list and clicking the button "Delete". The software will show a popup to confirm that you are sure you want to delete. Please note that you cannot delete ellipsoids that in use by a datum definition.

Modifying an ellipsoid

You can modify an ellipsoid by clicking the "Modify" button after you selected an ellipsoid from the list. After clicking the button, the "OK" button text will change to "Save". Clicking the "Save" button will save the modifications, clicking "Cancel" will keep the old data.

Adding an ellipsoid

To add a new ellipsoid definition, click the "Add" button. When adding a new definition, it is required to specify a name for this ellipsoid, otherwise it cannot be saved. Other required fields are "Semi-Major Axis" and "Inverse Flattening". Click the "Save" button to store the newly created ellipsoid, by clicking cancel the input is ignored and you will return to the list.