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Adding waypoints

A waypoint can be defined as a marked position on a map, somewhere on the earth, with known coordinates.
A waypoint can be part of a route. In GPS receivers, a waypoint is a point that can be selected as a coordinate to navigate to,
or it can be used to just display a symbol on a map.

Creating a waypoint

In Hydromagic, there are multiple ways to create waypoint. You can create one manually from the waypoint list,
click on the map or create by applying a projection from a known waypoint or GPS position.
The easiest way is by clicking on the map. We will demonstrate in a few steps how to do this.

Zoom and pan over the map until you find the position you want to place a waypoint.
Click the right mouse button, when pointing the mouse to the position, and select the "Add Waypoint" option.
The "Add Waypoint" window will appear.

Add a waypoint

You will notice that the position of the waypoint is already filled. In this window, you can set some additional information about the waypoint,
like the comment, the name, the symbol to be used on the map etc. The proximity waypoint option will be discussed in a later tutorial,
it is mainly used to alert you if you are within a specific distance from the waypoint.

Waypoint properties


Use this field to set the waypoint name. When creating waypoints, the software will auto generate the waypoint name in the range "WPT001" ... "WPT999".
This name must be unique: you can not create more then one waypoint with the same name.

Latitude and Longitude position

These positions are prefilled when you create the waypoint from the map. If you are creating the waypoint from the waypoint list, the current position is used.
You can change these fields to display the Northing and Easting position using the currently selecting map grid, by checking the "Show position in Northing / Easting coordinates" check box.


The software contains over 160 different symbols that can be used to display your waypoint on the map.
The default waypoint symbol is the "Black Rectangle".


You can add a description for the waypoint here.

Waypoint label

Using the "BgColor", "FgColor" and "Transparent" options, you can modify the colors of the waypoint label on the map.
When transparent is selected, the background color is ignored, and only the text is displayed on the map.

Saving the waypoint

After modifying the waypoint properties, click "OK". When using the settings from the screenshot above, the waypoint will look like this:

Saving the waypoint

Modifying or moving the waypoint

To modify the waypoint after you placed it on the map, you can use either the waypoint list,
or right click on the waypoint, and select "Waypoint Properties", as displayed below:

To move the waypoint, click on it and just drag it around on the map.
When you release the mouse button, it's new position is saved.

Move Waypoint

Manage waypoints

To view a list off all waypoints, you can open the waypoint list, by right clicking
the "Waypoints" folder in the "Project Explorer" and selecting the "Manage Waypoints..." option.

From this list, you can remove, add, modify, export and zoom to waypoints.