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Downloading maps

In circumstances where an electronic nautical map or CAD drawing of your surveying area is not available,
you can use the map download functionality offered by Hydromagic.

It allows you to use street maps or satellite imagery from Google, Bing or OpenStreetMaps as background image for your project.

Tiles are downloaded from the provider of choice, merged into a map image and geo-referenced to the projection you are using in your project.
Therefore you have to select the map projection you are going to use before downloading any maps.

Please note that storing map tiles locally breaks the terms of service for a couple of popular data providers
like Google, Bing, and ArcGIS Online. Use this function at your own risk !

Download map tool

To start the map downloading tool, right click the "Maps" folder in the "Project Explorer",
and select the "Download Map..." option from the popup menu as shown in the image below.

Download Maps

The tool allows you to download street maps or satellite imagery from the following 3 providers:

Setting area and options

In order to download maps, you have to select the area you need a map for, and which provider you want to use.
Use the "Information Source" selection box to select the provider and the type of map (streets or satellite).

The next step is to select the area. Select the smallest area as possible, because the smaller the area, the higher the zoom level and level of detail.
You have to enter the upper-left and lower-right WGS84 coordinates of the area you are surveying in.

Because the maps are downloaded as 256 x 256 pixel tiles, it is likely that the actually downloaded area is a bit larger then the requested area.
You can obtain the coordinates by using a map viewer like Google Earth or others.

Finally, select the name of the output file (the file where the map is stored) and whether to add the map to the project directly.
Depending on the type of map you are using, the image is stored as PNG (streetmap) or JPG(satellite) file.

Download Maps

Area selection tools

As an alternative to enter the coordinates manually, you can calculate boundaries from a waypoint, sounding, boundary, current location or an address.
To do so click the "Calculate..." button. The following dialog will appear:

Area Selection

The first three options (GPS Position, Address and Waypoint) can be used to specify the center of the map.
To calculate the map extends, you have to enter the map dimensions.

When using the last two options (sounding or boundary), the map dimensions entries are disabled, and the
boundaries are copied directly from the area covered by the selected sounding or boundary.

Please not that when using the "Find Address..." tool, make sure you are connected to the Internet in order to perform a Geo-Coding lookup.


To start downloading, just click the "OK" button. Please note that you have to be connected to the Internet at this moment.
The download progress is shown in the status bar.

First, the tiles are downloaded and merged into a larger images, which is geo-referenced using the projection set.
When downloading has been completed, and the "Add generated map" options has been checked, the map will be added to the project and displayed.

Area Selection

Downloading maps (video tutorial)