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Raster maps

The software is shipped only with a couple of demo maps, because it is not doable to bundle it with all the most recent and detailed maps all over the world. To make sure almost any map can be loaded, a wide range of file formats is supported. This makes that Hydromagic can be used with the most common used map formats. Two types of maps are supported: vector maps and raster maps. The list below show some information on some raster map formats that are supported.

Supported raster maps

Raster maps are basically bitmap images. They only contain some image data, and in some cases (GeoTIFF) some georeferencing information.
These maps do not support high zoom levels, because they are limited by the number of pixels the map is stored in.

You can load a raster map into your project by selecting "File" => "Import" => "Import Map..." from the menu.

Import Maps


GeoTIFF files GeoTIFF files are based on the TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) standard. This format allows you to insert all sorts of tags into an image file. GeoTIFF uses this to store information on calibration info and / or projection information in the file. When you try to load a map that only contains the calibration info (X,Y boundaries and scale information), you will be asked to set the projection parameters for the map.

JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP and PNG image files

Image files It is possible to use your own images to project routes, waypoints, tracks and realtime position on. These images can be downloaded from the web (for instance, image created with Google Earth or maps exported from OpenStreetMaps.org, or created by scanning paper maps. To use these images, they have to be calibrated in order to be used. This can be done by selecting some well known coordinates on the map, or by entering the boundaries of the map. For more information about calibrating these maps, see the Calibrating Maps Tutorial. When a file has an associated "World File" the map is calibrated using this information.

BSB maps

BSB files BSB map files are raster charts designed especially for nautical charts. They are used by several authorities like NOAA. Nautical maps can often be downloaded for free in the BSB format. When loading BSB files in Hydromagic, the map is displayed directly, because all geo info is included in the map. BSB maps use Lambert Conformal Conic, Mercator and Polyconic projection.