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Volume Calculation (Stages)

This volume calculation is used to calculate the volume below various stages (levels) of water in for instance frac pits and other water reservoirs.
In order to calculate stages, you have to create a matrix from your processed sounding first.

Start the tool

To start the staging volumes tool, select the "Volume Calculations" => "Staging..." from the "Tools" menu.
The tool will open with the first or active matrix selected:

Volume Calculation (Stages)

Adjust spacing

The spacing between the stages can be selected. The default value is 1.00 meter.
The interval can be selected in the "Step:" field and the minimum value is 0.1 meter.
After changing either the selected matrix or step, click the "Calculate" button to update the results.

Exporting to Excel

To export the calculated stages to Microsoft Excel, click the "Export..." button.
Next choose the file name of the exported data.

The data is stored as comma separated values (CSV) file which can be opened in most software.
Below is an example of the above data stored as comma separated values file:


Creating a report

In addition to Excel exports, it is also possible to generate a PDF report containing the calculated stages.
To create a report, click the "Report..." button and supply the software with a valid PDF file name.
By default PDF reports are generated under the "Reports" folder in your project folder.

To view reports, you should have a PDF Viewer installed like "Acrobat Reader" or FoxIt" reader.
Windows 8 and 8.1 users can use the build in "Reader" application as well.

Volume Calculation (Stages)

Changing units

To create a report in other units, for instance cubic feet instead of cubic meters,
select the "Preferences..." option from the "Options" menu and select the "Units and Formats" tab.

In this tab you can select other units for speed, area and volumes.

Volume Calculation (Stages)