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Correcting data

The sounding wizard offers a large collection of tools to correct your data.
It contains an echogram editor, position editor, filter and much more.
After correcting all data, click the "Next" button to proceed to the final step.

correcting raw data


Use the filtering utility to filter unwanted or out-of-range data from your raw data files by supplying a range of valid values for the different data types.
It is recommended to use this function to remove peaks and zero's from your sounding data before you edit the sounding using the echogram editor.

Echogram editor

The echogram editor allows you to remove spikes, null soundings and other errors directly from the echogram.
All you have to do is select the invalid data and click the "remove selection" button.

Position editor

The position editor is used to remove invalid position fixes from the data.
You can also remove data which is outside of the survey area.

Other tools

By clicking the "Tools..." button, a second screen is displayed with a collection of miscellaneous tools which can be used to correct latency, time, projection and more.