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Filter tool

The filter tool can be used to filter out unwanted data. You can use it to delete zero (invalid) soundings, position data measured with a low DOP, invalid motion sensor data and more.

Filter tool

Configuring filter options

Position data

This option can be used to filter out unreliable position data, for instance when the GPS fix wasn't RTK fixed, or the DOP was to high. Check the "Filter position data" checkbox, and fill out the fields.

Depth data

It is recommended to use this option before the echogram editor, because you can use this to filter out spikes and zero values. Just check the "Filter depth data" checkbox and enter the minimum and maximum expected depth for the low and high frequency soundings.

Motion data

You only need this feature when using a motion sensor for pitch, roll and heave. Check the "Filter motion data" checkbox, and enter the maximum angles for pitch and roll, and the expected range for the heave corrections received from either the echosounder or motion sensor. Skip this option when no motion sensor was used during the survey.

Start filtering

When all options have been configured, just click the "Apply" button to start the filtering process. When one of the filters has been applied, a new modified raw data file is written in the "Modified" folder in your project root.