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Projection tool

The projection tool can be used when the raw data has been recorded using an incorrect projection setting, for instance when a wrong map datum has been used.
You also have to use this tool when data has been imported into a raw data file in WGS84 coordinates.

projection tool

Setting old and new projection

Before converting any raw data files, you have to set the "old" and "new" projection for the data.
In case the "old" data is imported and is in WGS84 coordinates, you have to select "WGS84" as "old" projection.
The "new" projection has to be set to the projection used in your project, but can be changed in case you are converting the data for use in another project.

To change one of the "old" and "new" projections, just click the associated "Select..." button and the following dialog will appear, allowing you to select either a map datum or map grid:

select map projection

Starting the conversion

When the "old" and "new" projection has been set, select the raw data files you want to convert.
You can choose to convert a single file, or all files currently being processed.

After conversion, you can use the "table editor" to verify the result.

Coordinates in WGS84 Coordinates in NAD83/UTM Zone 11
Before conversion (WGS84) After conversion (NAD83/UTM Zone 11)