Eye4Software Hydromagic

  Hydrographic Survey Software

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Very affordable and easy to use

Hydromagic is a professional hydrographic survey package,
which can be used to map depth areas using an echosounder.

The software is very affordable and the learning curve is very short.
You can start creating your first sounding within a single day.

A free demo version is available for download on the download page.

Hydromagic after completing a sounding Hydromagic after processing a sounding

Some application examples

GPS Receivers  Support for GPS and RTK receivers

The software can communicate with almost any (NMEA0183 compatible) GPS or RTK receiver to retrieve your current position and height, and show it on one of the support raster or vector maps. In addition, with a RTK receiver, you can calculate tide levels in real-time.

Echosounders  Support for echosounders

Hydromagic offers support for a wide range of professional single and dual frequency hydrographic echosounders from popular brands like CEE HydroSystems, Odom, STN Atlas, SyQwest and more.

Sensors  Support for other sensors

Besides GPS and echosounder, also other hardware, such as a tide receiver, magnetometer, motion or tilt sensor, heading sensor (compass) or an AIS receiver can be connected. for a full list of supported echosounders and other hardware click here.

Geodesy  Geodesy

To display a part of the globe on a display, a map projection is needed to prevent distortion of the map data. The software is shipped with a database containing over 5000 predefined local and global map datums and grids.

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