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Eye4Software Hydromagic is protected against unauthorized use by an (USB) dongle or other software protection device.
To run this software, the dongle has to be plugged to an USB port, and should not be removed until the software has been shut down.

Make sure the dongle is inserted in the USB socket correctly. Two leds (red and green) will lit up shortly on insertion.

When you start the software, and the following error message is displayed, either the dongle is not inserted correctly,
or it doesn't contain the correct license(s) for the version(s) you are trying to run.

Missing or invalid dongle

Getting version and licensing information

In order to get information on the (build) version used and the licensing status of the product,
select the "About Hydromagic..." option from the "Help" menu.

A dialog box will be displayed containing licensing status, dongle serial number (if applicable) as well as the version and build number.
Please provide this information when contacting technical support. We use this information to check your support contract status.

Hydromagic About Box Licensed   Hydromagic About Box Demo

Dongle form factors

When ordering a new Hydromagic license, an USB dongle will be shipped to the address supplied during the ordering process.
In case you don't have any USB ports available for an USB dongle, we can also supply a dongle in one of the following form factors:

Please contact sales for more information on these alternatives.
Please note that an additional fee may apply.

Dongle form factors for Hydromagic