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Export echograms as images

After a sounding has been completed, it is possible to export echogram, water column information (also called echosounder envelope data) or sub bottom data (when available) as an image file. Multiple output formats such as: PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF and BMP are supported.

The resulting image files will be put together into a single folder (one file for each sounding). The files can be edited, or copied into your reports directly.

NOTE: This feature was added in version 9.0 of Hydromagic. If you encounter difficulties generating these image files, please run the sounding wizard again as your sounding data might be in an older format. Running the sounding wizard will update the soundings to version 9.0 compatible sounding files without altering the data.

Example exported echogram

Echogram export tool

To start exporting echogram data as images, locate the "Soundings" folder in the "Project Explorer", which will be in most cases on the left side of the screen. Right click the folder and select the "Manage Soundings..." option from the popup menu that appears.

Click the export echogram button to continue

To start the echogram export tool, select the soundings you want to export and click the button marked in the image above. The echogram export tool will now be displayed. In this tool you select the location for the exported images, the image format, soundings and the echograms you want to export.

The export echogram dialog (with default settings)

Configuring the export settings

Prior to exporting the images, there are some options to configure:

Output Folder

Click the "Browse..." button to select in which folder the image files will be written. This can be a folder under your Hydromagic project root, any another location on your harddrive or even a network share. After selecting a new folder it will be displayed in the dialog. The dialog will also remember the file location for the next time you use this tool.

Select Soundings

By default, the soundings selected in the sounding list will be displayed here. Using the "Select..." button you will be able to alter this selection.

File Format

Select the file format of your choice for the creation of the image files.
Supported image formats include:

Selected Echograms

Check the items you wish to see. The software doesn't detect which items can be exported, so all possible options are displayed. When a type of echogram is not available for your sounding, an empty frame stating "No Data" will be inserted into the image file.

Echogram Settings

To alter the way the sample data (echosounder envelope data) will be displayed, click the "Echogram Settings..." button. You can select another color schema, range or offset here. Please note that these settings are shared with the echogram digitizer and real time echogram displays.

Starting the image export process

Click the "OK" button to start the export process. Depending on the number of soundings and the selected items, this will take up to a minute. When ready the folder where the files are written will be opened so you have access to the images right away.

The export echogram dialog (with default settings)