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Selecting files

The next step in the process is selecting the raw data files you want to process. By default all visible files are selected.

The first time you are running the wizard on the files, the "Start editing from original raw data" option is selected.
This means that you want to start editing the files from scratch.

The second time you run the wizard, and you have made modifications, the "Continue editing modified raw data" option will be selected and you can further process your modified files.
In case you want to start over with the original data, just select the "Start editing from original raw data" option.

After selecting the files to process, click the "Next" button to proceed to the next step.

select raw data files

Modified data

Please note that the original recorded raw data is never altered. All modifications are stored as a copy in the "Modified" folder of your projects folder on the hard disk.
When you choose to start editing from the original raw data, the modified data of the previous sessions will be overwritten.