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Unit conversion tool

The unit conversion tool can be used to convert depths, heave values, tide levels and heights.
Please do not use this tool to alter the project's vertical units, this tool is only suitable for converting invalid input data.


You should use this tool only when, for instance, depth data has been recorded in the wrong units
This can happen when, for instance, the plugin loaded expects depths in meters, but the echosounder did output the depths in feet.
In this case you have to convert the recorded data from feet to meter first to avoid large errors in your sounding files.

Starting the tool

This tool can only be used from the "Sounding Wizard", which is the tool used to convert your raw data files into corrected soundings.
When correcting your raw data files, select the "Tools..." button, and click the "Units..." button to start the unit conversion tool.

The following window should now appear:

Unit Conversion Tool

Using the tool

Before starting the conversion, make sure you set the following options:


Select the units that are recorded. When your echosounder was outputting depth data in feet, while the software was expecting meters,
you should set the "Old units" selection box to "International Feet" and the "New units" box to "Meters".

When your echosounder was outputting meters, while you configured the echosounder plugin for feet, you have to do it the other way around.
A large number of units are supported, but in most cases you will probably be using Feet, Meters or Fathoms.


Select one or more values to convert. When having a problem with depth values, you have to select "Convert Depth Lo" and "Convert Depth Hi" only.
Use one of the other options when you have to correct data from a positioning device, heave sensor or tide gauge.


You can choose to convert one raw data file at a time, or convert all files at once.
When you select to convert all files at once, all files you are currently editing will be modified.

Start the conversion

When all options has been set, click the "OK" button to start the conversion process.
When finished, you can use the "Table Editor" to check the corrected values.

Please note that this tool only alters the modified raw data files.
The original raw data files will not be modified.


In case you select the "Start editing from original raw data" in second page the "Sounding Wizard",
the modified files are overwritten, and you have to repeat the unit conversion !