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Adding maps to your project

When starting a new project, it is recommended to load a map of the survey area.
The map can then be used as guidance to setup your boundaries, cross sections and shorelines.

Hydromagic supports a wide range of both vector and raster map formats, including:

Downloading maps

In case no map data is available for the area to be surveyed, you can download maps from web sources automatically by entering the map's boundaries.
How to do this is discussed in more detail in the chapter "Download Maps".

Creating a new project

Before you will be able to import or download background maps, you must either have loaded an existing project or created a new project.
To create a new Hydromagic project, select the "New Project..." option from the "File" menu, fill out all required fields and click "OK".

It is important to provide the correct projection for your new project, because you will not be able to change this at a later time.

Create a new Hydromagic project

Import maps

Maps are imported into the project, this means that the next time you open the project, the map will be loaded automatically.
To import a map to the project, right click the "Maps" folder in the "Project Explorer" and select the "Import Map..." option.

When the "Project Explorer" has been closed, you can also import a map using the menu bar by selecting the "Import Map..." from the "File" => "Import" menu.

Please note that only a reference to the map file is stored in the project, map data is not copied to the project.
If you want to distribute maps with your project, it is recommended to copy the maps into your project's folder.

Import Map data

A file open dialog will be presented. By default all supported map formats are displayed. You can select one or more maps and click "OK" to load them into the project. When no filter has been set, and the software doesn't know which format the map is, it will ask as shown below:

Select map format manually

After loading maps, you will be able to display your vessels position on the map, add waypoints, comments and photo's and to start soundings.

Example IHO S-57 ENC